Thursday, November 21, 2013

Discover Your Style With Linda Diteman Design

Linda Diteman
Linda Diteman's gift as a freelance graphic artist is her ability to create designs that express the personality and style of her clients. She loves helping her clients discover their brand through the design process and creating the logo or design that ties it all together.

Linda Diteman Design offers a full menu of services, including logo design, branding, business papers, brochures and flyers, fact sheets, infographics, print ads, retail signage and packaging, email blasts and e-newsletters, photo shoots and art direction, and now also web design.

By Design:  Linda has always been drawn to art.  She attended an art vocational high school in Ohio, and received her college education at the Columbus College of Art & Design, also in Ohio. She liked a variety of forms of art in high school, but was unsure about which direction to head.  She ultimately decided to take what she calls a more pragmatic approach, and studied graphic art in college, believing graphic art would allow her to be an artist while providing job opportunities.  It soon felt like the right decision and the right path for her to take artistically.

Going West: Linda's first job out of college was working for a trade show exhibit house cutting vinyl signage.  She says it was by no means glamorous work, but it was work in the field and got her started.  One year later, she moved on a whim from Ohio to Seattle and accepted a job with Eddie Bauer in its creative services department.  Linda loved Seattle.  She met her husband there, and would never have left, if her husband's job had not brought them to Portland just 6 years after she moved to Seattle.

Art for Family:  Once Linda and her family settled in Portland, Linda decided to venture out as a freelance graphic artist. She wanted the flexibility in her schedule to spend time with her children as they grow up.  In fact, our conversation about Linda's work always seemed to circle back to her family.  Linda is obviously a dedicated mother and devoted to her family.  It is important to her to be able to take her children to school and be active in their lives.  She loves that being a freelance graphic artist gives her the flexibility to do this.

While the life of a freelancer gives Linda the flexibility she desires, it also makes for a crazy work schedule at times.  She works during the chunks of time that are available during each day, perhaps in the middle of the day or late at night after the children are in bed.  This schedule obviously does not impede the creativity or the quality of her work.  I think it may improve her art.  Because Linda is able to live her life in a way that is meaningful to her, I think that lets her creativity flow easier and freer.  Her success I think is testament to that idea.  She is able to work solely by word of mouth and referrals, and has reached the point where she enjoys her down time because she knows, as she put it, "the gig is not up."

At Home in Portland: While Linda was hesitant to move to Portland, she now thinks of Portland as home and loves it here.  She has family and friends here.  She also loves the lifestyle Portland offers.  She is amazed by all the independent and unique businesses in town and how easy it is to live a healthy life here.  She even loves sharing the road with bicyclists, enjoying the feel all the bicycles bring to the streets.  She practices Pilates regularly and enjoys working in her yard and decorating her home.

Discover Linda: Linda Diteman works with small and independent business owners and organizations, as well as with large corporations, contracting either directly with the business owner or as an independent contractor with Portland advertising agencies.  You should really check out her work at Linda Diteman Design.  Her business phone number is 503.891, or email Linda at

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