Sunday, August 10, 2014

Places in the Neighborhood - Beautiful AM

Introducing Places in the Neighborhood!  This will be a weekly post of a photo from a neighborhood near Mt. Tabor.  The photos are taken by "Tyrannocaster" on his daily walks.   Mr. T. is a great professional photographer I know and has agreed to share his photos with this community. (Learn more about Tyrannocaster on his blog:

Where is this?  See if you can guess where this photo was taken!  Mr. T explains this photo was taken one morning, very early, and he couldn't resist taking a shot of the beautiful light in the sky.  Post your guesses in the comments.  (Hint:  In the vicinity of Mt. Tabor)


  1. Learn more about Mr. Tyrannocaster and find his blog on Google.

    1. Find Tyrannocaster's blog here: