Thursday, January 12, 2017

Ski Tabor Rising

Ski Tabor appears magically, sometimes when you least expect it. A sudden snowfall, and the streets Mt. Tabor come alive with children, adults and canines playing in the snow.

Cross Country Skiers Enjoying the Pow

Skis Are A Great Way to Get Around


The Mt. Tabor Park application for the National Register of Historic Places even references a 1954 map of the park that included a ski tow near the Lincoln Street entrance. Obviously less known than the famous reservoirs of Mt. Tabor, Ski Tabor is an area treasure.

The Trail Map
There's even a half-pipe and luge run.

The last few days, the area has felt like a mountain resort, and it's almost as if I have been magically transported to a time and place where people just live more slowly and take time to just simply have fun.

When will Ski Tabor rise again?

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