Faces From the Neighborhood shares the stories of local people following their dreams in Portland and enriching the communities where we live. This blog is a personal journey and a joy. If we take the time to get to know the people we see everyday, they have beautiful and inspiring stories to tell. These people prove to me every day that the community spirit is alive in Portland.

Faces From the Neighborhood also shares stories about places in Portland. Portland is full of wonderful surprises, beautiful neighborhoods, and opportunities to explore by foot and by bike. If we take the time to explore our city more slowly, we really get to experience the wonderful place where we live.

Faces From the Neighborhood also invites members of the community to share their stories of community in action. Whether it is a personal story or an exceptional story you witnessed, I invite you to contact us so we can share your story on this blog. 

By sharing Portland one story at a time, I hope to foster a sense of community in the neighborhoods where we work and live, to promote the local economy, and to support the idea of living local. Connected communities are stronger communities, and create better neighborhoods for us all to live and do business in.

Thank you for reading my blog!

Lisa Ratzlaff
Living Room Realty

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